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  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 335961 [Reply]

(2.218 KB, 379x65) [G]

admin pls fix yuchan

  Kuwait Aleppo Syrian !ZcX9l0CMgQ No. 335958 [Reply]

(24.875 KB, 256x256) [G]

I cant trust Bulgarians. Biggest backstabbers of all.

  Germany Sakib No. 335960

(62.616 KB, 480x269) [G]

what do you think of this?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335954 [Reply]

Desktop 1_002.png
(2931.727 KB, 1920x1080) [G]

final form.jpg
(50.398 KB, 400x544) [G]

I miss you all

Let's have a desktop thread

  Turkey Sakib No. 335955

(41.207 KB, 496x401) [G]

Velemajstor u Sahmatu

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 335957

Screenshot from ....png
(409.789 KB, 1280x800) [G]

how's arch by specs?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335956 [Reply]

blanket feel.png
(292.382 KB, 633x758) [G]

Day of the rope soon


  Turkey Sakib No. 335940 [Reply]

(10.245 KB, 274x184) [G]

Zašto mrziš jugosnostalgičare sakib?

  Canada Sakib No. 335942

Because "hurr I miss having free vacations, cars, and apartments" as if the economic model Yugoslavia had to get people free things was sustainable

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335953

bog i hrvati.jpg
(24.052 KB, 480x314) [G]

>Zašto mrziš jugosnostalgičare sakib?

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 335878 [Reply]

(170.133 KB, 910x799) [G]

Diaspora Serb from Knin here, been traveling for a few months around the region.

Last few days I spent in Kosovo, in Mitrovica and in Pec, some time with Serbs, some with Albanians. Albanians there are fine, I didn't see one woman wrapped in a scarf and the standard of living is higher than that of southern Serbia.

I went from Pec to Rozaje in Crna Gora, which is the Muslim capital there. From there, I went to Cetinje, which is the "Montenegrin" capital.

Few hours I go arrived in Trebinje and God damn I have never felt more at home. First coffee shop we parked in front of had a photo of Putin, Njegos' writing across the walls, a Ravna Gora Cetnici calendar and photos of saints everywhere.

After all these places I've been in the last few days, it feels so good to be here.

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  Germany Sakib No. 335927

whats the geopolitical impotence of trees? excepet as donkey food?

  Unknown Country Sakib No. 335929

You are wrong, pine trees were planted along the Adriatic coast in Omladinske radne akcije Youth work actions.

  Germany Sakib No. 335935

if you mean forests in general, then climate regulation, flood control, lumber source, hunting, etc.

you can also dispose of corpses there easily

I see. I wish they would have expanded their efforts beyond the immediate vicinity of the coast.

  Germany Sakib No. 335943

(52.238 KB, 1024x576) [G]

>bullying Vojvodina

I like plains.

t. North European Plain patrician.

  Romania Sakib No. 335934 [Reply]

(518.891 KB, 500x354) [G]


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335936

devil kelper.png
(180.205 KB, 658x545) [G]

Tito was a cuck

  Germany Sakib No. 335938

(7.363 KB, 184x184) [G]


"I must really say that he is a veteran Communist, this Herr Josip Broz, a consistent man. Unfortunately he is our enemy. He really has earned his title of Marshal. When we catch him we shall do him in at once; you can be sure of that; he is our enemy. But I wish we had a dozen Titos in Germany... The man had nothing at all. He was between the Russians, the British and Americans for a ride and to shit on them in the most comical way. He is a Moscow man ... He has never capitulated." - Himmler

u mad?

  Norway Sakib No. 335939

German commie dijaspora, will some new Tito make balkans creat again?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335941

helper anime for....jpg
(92.81 KB, 600x634) [G]


"Tito let niggers fuck me"

- Jovanka

  Germany Sakib No. 335904 [Reply]

(135.848 KB, 634x793) [G]

someone post the photo where he's rocking bootcuts

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335908

(152.268 KB, 385x600) [G]

dominic ebin.jpg
(7.451 KB, 400x223) [G]

I had to google that you fuck

I tried to force him on yililauta but it didn't work

  Germany Sakib No. 335911

(24.544 KB, 260x319) [G]


what a legend

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 335933

how to be like him?

  Germany Sakib No. 335937

1. get buzzcut
2. drink human blood
3. wear bootcut jeans (most important step)

  Unknown Country Sakib No. 335931 [Reply]

(289.426 KB, 625x416) [G]


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335932

Ostoja Ranković looks like a giant

  Unknown Country Sakib No. 335930 [Reply]

(268.001 KB, 344x672) [G]


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