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sticky  Croatia Star Sakib No. 336448 [Reply]

(25.461 KB, 640x257) [G]


Why does it take over 40 seconds for the site to load?
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  France Proxy pasha No. 337865

am i the only one who cant see flags? works fine on mobile but not on my pc

so fugga king bad functionality , US ips blocked an no flags, ADMIN FIX!!!!!!!!

archived  Croatia Star Sakib No. 163685 [Reply]

(221.674 KB, 1024x581)

(66.284 KB, 900x596)

(84.045 KB, 960x720)

(244.371 KB, 762x806)

ITT: let's share pics from our yuchan folder
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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 337873

lepo je sredila sise

jel od skoro nešto?

  Serbia Star Dog Fucker No. 337876

That's not Ninja

  Ukraine Sakib No. 337881

Erm isn't it ћирилица in Serbspeak?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 337882


who dis?

  Canada Sakib No. 337871 [Reply]

(10.875 KB, 261x600) [G]

Many people are relocating their physical ip address using a vpn to avoid any restrictions Their government may or have already slammed down on Internet users. Also to avoid being spied on by their government.

A VPN keeps you anonymous on the internet.
It bypasses any school, home, office or country blockers.
It keeps you un-banned from any website.
It keeps the government from monitoring your online activity, and disables any country enabled firewalls allowing you to browse the internet freely and anonymously.
It allows you to view region locked content from anywhere in the world.
It makes it look like you are located in a different country.

If you like your freedom, I suggest you get a VPN http://anonyourself.club

  Ukraine Sakib No. 337880

Pull your anus, dog.

  France Sakib No. 337878 [Reply]

(93.219 KB, 781x960) [G]


  Canada Sakib No. 337879 SAGE!

lol xD hilarious xD

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 337874 [Reply]

(265.847 KB, 1024x1024) [G]

where can one acquire a couple of bags worth of expired bosanska markas? would a bank be willing to give them away if i asked? t. bored bosanac

  France Proxy pasha No. 337829 [Reply]

(48.845 KB, 615x720) [G]

daily reminder albanians have a LEGAL claim to this land, ottoman officials put this on the books before russian backed balkan aggression towards the empire.

come home sclavus
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  Macedonia Star pusi kurevi No. 337867

yes, because tosks have the monopoly over brown short people worldwide
fascinating turkish logic i must say

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 337869

>turks shitting on turks for being turks while turks actually have bigger economy and army than small turks

  Macedonia Star pusi kurevi No. 337870

only a muzzie can be a turk

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 337872

t.not ataturk

  Germany Sakib No. 337822 [Reply]

(16.01 KB, 236x177) [G]

how much money does one need to build a fancy ass house in bosnia?
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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 337831

i guess its the mixture of slav craziness and middle eastern retardation

  France Proxy pasha No. 337833


e1b1b1a admixture

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 337838

(124.088 KB, 500x500) [G]

warrior gene

  Macedonia Star pusi kurevi No. 337857


all correct answers

  Italy Furlanija Secret Services No. 337855 [Reply]

(13.594 KB, 320x311) [G]

pssst kiddo... read this..


*disappears in the shadows*

  Germany Sakib No. 337799 [Reply]

(283.483 KB, 700x646) [G]

Tell me about famous Hajduks, peasant freedom fighters and other borderline criminals turned national heroes from your country.
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  Sweden Sakib No. 337836

you're right about that

  Greece Not sakib No. 337841

Could be, I've seen a Greek documentary once claiming amongst other things that the rebellions against the Ottomans happened because the underlings were starving due to high taxation.

  Germany Sakib No. 337844

Nobody writing names of historical hajduks

  Greece Not Sakib No. 337853

Link I posted has them

  Germany So I just met a Croat Sakib No. 337800 [Reply]

(4643.116 KB, 1898x1703) [G]

Today, for the first time in many, many years, I talked to a Yugoslav again.

I'm Bikesakib if anyone remembers me. I cycle a lot in my spare time, almost daily for grocery shopping actually since the nearest non-jewish store is in a town twelve kilometers from the shithole where I live.
So today I went shopping with muh bike and panniers. On my way home I had to shove my bike quite a bit; not only do I live on the top of a hill but the winter is fucking us over to the point where roads are barely cyclable. Plus I had quite a bit of stuff in my bags. Pic related, the situation here is fucking mental; some days ago my village was cut off from all public transport, even taxis wouldn't drive here due to the snow chaos.

On my way shoving my heavy bicycle slowly up a snow-covered street, this random dude passed me and said Hello to me. I greeted him back and he continued walking, much faster than me of course. About twenty seconds later he looked back and noticed that I was still struggling to shove my bicycle up the hilltop. He ran back down to me and helped me in my struggle. I said "Nah bro I'm good" but he insisted "Zu zweit... mehr einfach!" ("Together... More easy!").

With united strength, we eventually reached the hilltop.
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  Germany Sakib No. 337811


  Serbia Star Sakib No. 337818

i pray to god that i dont meet a croat becuz i would prob beat him to a pulp

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 337819

>>337800 (OP)
>complains about jewish stores
>complains about hard working slavs doing their jobs honestly
>is german



  Germany Sakib No. 337820

im serbian

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