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  United States Sakib No. 236722 [Reply]

(17.819 KB, 630x450)

17.819 KB
>Balkan wars, WWI, WWII, Yugoslav partisan war, Yugoslav Wars
>Serbia still has about the same amount of territory as WWI

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236723

radane baš si moderan

  Turkey Sakib No. 236724

i have never hada girlfriend

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236730

mudslime asks dutch queen to convert to islam xD

  Bulgaria Jalâluddîn Abu'l-Qâsim al-Bulgârî No. 236725 [Reply]

tentative itinerary.png
(25.894 KB, 733x444)

25.894 KB
Hey guys,

As many of you know I'll be travelling around the Balkans and Turkey this summer with a friend. I've posted a picture of my travel plans - if anyone wants to meet up or host us along the way, we can definitely figure something out, on facebook, skype, or this thread :)

I'll also post some IWO pics of my recent visit to Turkey later.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236726

First the IWO pics and then we'll talk.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236728

why would you go to turkey?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236714 [Reply]

(27.671 KB, 624x489)

27.671 KB
What do when you toenail gets ripped off? Keep in mind that it's the same that has fungus.

Also how to destroy foot fungus?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236715

rakijavom krpom.
i nemoj sidit na ladnu betonu i/ili promaji.

  Germany Sakib No. 236717

put some greece on it and stay out of draft.

  United States Walls of Texts No. 236727

Tinactin, as in TOUGH ACTIN' TINACTIN.

Also, get shoes that fit better. Sometimes it's easier to contract fungus when your feet are getting abraded.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 236673 [Reply]

(15.182 KB, 300x342)

15.182 KB
albanian flag on....jpg
(20.102 KB, 288x221)

20.102 KB
(576.466 KB, 960x618)

576.466 KB
(22.357 KB, 379x255)

22.357 KB
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  Sweden Sakib No. 236686

(178.42 KB, 960x717)

178.42 KB

  Turkey Sakib No. 236696

telling from personal expirences, albanian nationalists gets really pissy when you remark that albanians are islamic or something like that.

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 236719

if you say "Albania is islamic" or whatever, well yeah, maybe. Islam doesn't define them or their country.

hello idk lol
I see you enjoy Turkey country good yes?

  United Kingdom Bashi Bazouk No. 236720


cleared cookies

  United States pasha No. 236432 [Reply]

(171.229 KB, 517x720)

171.229 KB
(884.038 KB, 1712x2202)

884.038 KB
albanian gril.jpg
(32.41 KB, 452x603)

32.41 KB
shqiperi vs srbija ekonomija


$11.400 (PPP, 2014 est.)
1.3% below poverty line
11.0% unemployment
2.0% inflation
26.7 GNI

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  Sweden Sakib No. 236711

Don't you understand the Serbians? Apparently there are a lot of Albanized Serbs in Shkodër that changed their names to Albanian names on paper by Enver Hoxha. Same happened to my family in Yugoslavia though, they slavicized our names :D

  Sweden Sakib No. 236712

And in the end the Albanian text says "WHO ARE THESE SECRET SERBS LIVING AMONG US?!"

  Germany Sakib No. 236716

ok, but catholic serbs?

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 236718

>Hitler favored us

oh that sure is a good thing

  Croatia Star Official yuchan list Sakib No. 236424 [Reply]

(133.35 KB, 858x988)

133.35 KB
(48.468 KB, 437x599)

48.468 KB
After months of careful observations and tireless lurking, I proudly present you the first official yuchan penis census.

Ajvar - 16 cm
Droljan - 16 cm
Luka the Bosnian poster - 17 cm
Kajburger - 13 cm
Pasha - 15 cm
Radan - 16 cm
Angry shitposting Croat - 15 cm
Unknown Slovene - 15 cm
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236670

btw does anyone here remember when creepy croat visited opatija bernd's house some 3 years ago on krautchan? that was ebin

  Germany Sakib No. 236680


Yeah was pretty fun. That was Matuljibernd I think.

  Sweden Sakib No. 236683

I thought me and Ajvar were the same, 16.3cm.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236713

them matulji cray man.
all the peeps in know from there are cray.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 236584 [Reply]

(534.068 KB, 1826x1325)

534.068 KB
This is how Germany envisioned world after WW1

>Bulgaria will never have access to Aegean sea ;_;
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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 236649

me too, fuck those asshols

  Netherlands Sakib No. 236666 SAGE!

pls dont bully serbs

  Georgia Sakib No. 236689

well, I'm not quite against it.

  Turkey Sakib No. 236698


don't talk shit about muh people

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 236668 [Reply]

(39.614 KB, 299x288)

39.614 KB
serious question

will i ever meet german sakib irl?
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  Germany Daphne No. 236681

why not

  Germany Sakib No. 236682

sure :3

  Germany Sakib No. 236691

Are you the guy from Cacak?

  Germany Slavko Davidovic No. 236695

We already have.

  Japan Sakib No. 236678 [Reply]

(39.82 KB, 375x500)

39.82 KB
I suck cock.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 236679 SAGE!


  Germany Dawid Slawkowicz No. 236525 [Reply]

(20.552 KB, 538x556)

20.552 KB
so I'm gonna do some travel in europe for 3 weeks, for street fights and foot massages etc pp

which EU cities do you recommend in northern and eastern europe? is poland any good? or czechenia? what about baltic and scandinavian cities?
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  Germany Davidus Filius Slavicus No. 236652


pretty good, but the logistics of travelling to russia are quite shitty

  Germany Davidus Filius Slavicus No. 236663

i decided to go to bangCOCK and fuck some ladyboys



  Netherlands le foot massage man Sakib No. 236665 SAGE!

Why are people wasting their time by seriously responding to this thread?

  Germany Davidus Filius Slavicus No. 236667


bosnian opinion: discarded

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