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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 264862 [Reply]

(74.367 KB, 960x720) [G]

What steps aimed at improving your life are you taking right now?
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  Sweden Sakib No. 264902

>Thinking of buying 10 of the same shirts and jeans and always wear the same thing

why would you do that

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 264903

because it eliminates irrelevant choices during the day

  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 264904

>Started getting up around 4-5 AM
Why would any sane person do this, the fuck will you do, feed the chickens ?

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 264905

because i schedule work the day before and if i start at 5-6AM, I am done till noon tops

  Serbia Star Дрогаш масни No. 264897 [Reply]

(75.318 KB, 810x608) [G]

I just watched Zvezde Granda, ask me anything

  Belgium Sakib No. 264898

Any hot bitches?

  Serbia Star Дрогаш масни No. 264899


  Canada Sakib No. 264900

Yes, I was there

  Italy Sakib No. 264785 [Reply]

(206.041 KB, 759x625) [G]

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  United States PaShA No. 264859


>trying this hard

  Italy Sakib No. 264878


  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264882 SAGE!

KC tier

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 264895

(32.468 KB, 500x407) [G]

Hercegovci would be running Italy in an months.

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 264691 [Reply]

(30.782 KB, 600x371) [G]

Evo jedne interesantne teme za diskusiju, pogotovo kad imam strucnjaka na /yu/.


Sta je najpametnije uzgajati na ovim podrucjima?

Sta se najvise uzgaja, a sta najmanje, i gdje mogu naci informacije o ovome?

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  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 264861

vraca brzo, ali na kraju ne donosi najveci profit

po mom misljenju su to jabuke kad se rade intenzivno i za izvoz

ili da imas svoju hladnjacu a to vec kosta boga oca

  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264868


milking sheeps for chese is ok
not really complicated

  Serbia Star Дрогаш масни No. 264886

Ja znam coveka koji radi profi pcelarstvo i oni kazu da se ima dosta kesa. Inace rade samo med i kupili su cak i kamione, sve izvoze u Rusiju.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 264894

(488.494 KB, 502x738) [G]


>na kraju ne donosi najveci profit

ne znam kako sa drugim nabrojanim, ali pčele vraćaju uloženo posle prve solidne godine. A šema sa facelijom je varijanta da ne mrdneš iz dvorišta, i na dve njive u razmaku od 50 dana sadiš faceliju, i u tri meseca se usereš od meda koji prodaš Bosancima koji ti dođu na kuću i kupe ga sa cenom većom od maloprodajne

  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264892 [Reply]

(14.758 KB, 500x375) [G]

ITT teme koje svojci sa slikovnih ploča prešućuju

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 264893

intelligent threads made by croats where the main thing is being serious

  Italy Sakib No. 264595 [Reply]

(34.529 KB, 330x250) [G]

Dragi Srbi,
Želim da vas pitam: kako to da je Srbija tako mala? Kako to da je posle svega što je dala i kroz šta je prošla – ovako sićušna i mala?
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  Sweden Sakib No. 264789

it's how butthurt canada was born'ed and raised

  Canada Sakib No. 264804

I think it's you who's butthurt considering how often you're in a quarrel with him

  Sweden Sakib No. 264805

I think you might be onto something here

  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264890

you got me ,t.lena
but srsly my googling shows
good quality reading material on the subject>>264781

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 264809 [Reply]

(129.877 KB, 618x464) [G]

(81.625 KB, 750x500) [G]

(72.939 KB, 468x399) [G]

(50.863 KB, 512x768) [G]

Daily reminder that Dalmatians are niggers of Croatia
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 264814


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 264817

>tfw used to know that word by word back in 2006 in highschool
>tfw i just now understood the petar pasulj joke

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 264839

(547.425 KB, 512x512)

bzzzzz bzzzzzzz

  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264884

backstory;hercegjew rulling Zagreb football club Dinamo banned the entry to fans of the guest club without having a judges rule

I guess this is the motive for starting ITT

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 264787 [Reply]

(967.175 KB, 2336x1384) [G]

Anyone have one of these, but for Italy/Rome?

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 264797

Just do it yourself in paint
Protip: you dont have to replace pic on the right

  Monaco Sakib No. 264847

but hellen and greek have the same meaning, this picture is inaccurate

  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264880


  Canada Sakib No. 264397 [Reply]

pitanje zaba.png
(5.22 KB, 314x264) [G]

Why do Bosniaks these days use Croatian lexicon?
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  Bulgaria Sakib No. 264777

(51.978 KB, 779x489) [G]


C-can I into friends with Bosniak diaspora?

  Germany Sakib No. 264792 SAGE!

fuck that grill is actually cute, I guess I've been to much on kc /b/ ;_;

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 264836

this should be bannable offence

  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264879

agreed , can we now comment on the maps I posted?

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 264589 [Reply]

(310.834 KB)

I m considering my firs gaysex and given how many homos freqent this ITT board i d like youre input

Not benis input
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  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 264850

Allahu akbar

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 264852

Omonganada i am only doing this because of the jail syndrom

Inb6 wat is jail syndrome

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 264854

You should ask your local Imam.

  Croatia Proxy Sakib No. 264873

birth of epic new mene phrase?>>264854

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