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  Romania Sakib No. 335373 [Reply]

Yuchan - Banner ....jpg
(1192.158 KB, 2264x2968) [G]

Is it true what is written in this article? Was breakup of Yugoslavia really pushed by US/Nato or is only blabbering?

  Canada Sakib No. 335376

Big things like a country falling apart never happen because of one reason. You always have to look at all possible factors

By no means do I think evil and conniving kikes weren't involved in what was happening to Yugoslavia, but ultimately South Slavs were the ones who let themselves fight as much as they did. It's just our nature. Another thing that's our nature is not knowing how to run a fucking country. Tito knew how to make things work but there are only so many Titos in the world, so it's no surprise once he died is when shit started to go down

  Spain Ex-Yugoslavia: a part of Southern Europe? Sakib No. 335345 [Reply]

Tamara Dragicevic.jpg
(270.899 KB, 640x471) [G]


I always wondered whether people originating from the six former Yugoslav republics consider their countries to be a part of Southern Europe or if they limit the definition of such a macroregion to Greece, Italy and Spain. If the latter, I would also like to know if there are negative connotations attached to the term Southern Europe as well as its peoples and cultures. This thread responds to my very curiosity about a region I don't quite know and it isn't intended to be disrespectful in the slightest.

Best regards,
Anonymous Spaniard.
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  Spain Sakib No. 335356

Thank you all for your replies. Much appreciated.

  Germany Sakib No. 335371

>what's Languedoc and Cote d'Azur

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335374

Croatia is central / western europe
we never had any touch with the balkan civilizations and filthy southerners

  Germany Sakib No. 335375 SAGE!

>Croatia is western europe


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335327 [Reply]

(64.672 KB, 713x716) [G]

doklen genosid?
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335333

(319.848 KB, 688x528) [G]

>mfw genocide

  Germany Sakib No. 335334

mike is the key to all this

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335352

(51.13 KB, 600x628) [G]


  Germany Sakib No. 335372

Zločin koji traje

lel, five star propaganda

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335359 [Reply]

(387.464 KB, 1440x2560) [G]

(201.091 KB, 700x700) [G]

crypto-currency goes down 99.99% xDD

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335360

(189.856 KB, 1227x757) [G]

also bought DASH (dark coin) for 5.52$ now worth 8.19$
u jelly?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335361

where do you even find those currencies?

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 335370

so the one vendor who accepted it dropped it or something, right? lol

  Germany Sakib No. 335358 [Reply]

(112.718 KB, 494x819) [G]

what would be the cheapest and best way to get like 40+ working cell phone numbers? I've always had like a flatrate or whatever you call it so I'm bluepilled on prepaid cards and the like

i only need them to receive calls and messages. would buying used prepaid cards or sth work?

thanks in advance folks

  Canada Sakib No. 335364

Why do you need 40 of them for fuck's sake

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335365

>335364 Burner phone

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335367


You need Tor Browser to access this website.

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 335369

buy 40+ payasyougo sims and add 5(10?) EUR credit to each to activate

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 335350 [Reply]

(90.776 KB, 340x400) [G]

State TV news today:

>A person shot up a hospital today, but enough about that, let's look at the successes of our olympians while listening to emotional music

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335355

>watching the electric jew

  Germany Sakib No. 335330 [Reply]

(66.892 KB, 450x586) [G]

let's found a new state in bosnia

propose in this thread some hypothetical founding principles. I think expansionism is a given since we'd have no resources and, likely, no women so the state would vanish after a generation

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 335331

>no women so the state would vanish after a generation

We could solve that with cloning and have gay sex among ourselves.

  Norway Sakib No. 335349

>>335330 (OP)

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  Russian Federation Sakib No. 335341 [Reply]

(51.475 KB, 298x226) [G]


  Slovenia Star stalker No. 335343

(23.333 KB, 294x395) [G]


  Croatia Star ANTIFA Sakib No. 335208 [Reply]

(62.024 KB, 625x594) [G]

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  Russian Federation Sakib No. 335241

(38.097 KB, 540x720) [G]

(189.058 KB, 600x890) [G]

>>335239 ko vas jebe ustaše partizani su bili pre blagi u odmazdi trebali su dublo više krških jama i rudarskih okna napuniti a UDBA je također bila preblaga u lovu na proustašku emigraciju.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335254


> Kćeri generala JNA predvodile su jugoslavensku suvremenu umjetnost, djeca oficira srednjeg i nižeg ranga rock n’ roll, partijski komesarčići omladinski tisak koji je ideološki kontrolirano kanalizirao mladenačku supkulturu Zapada, a što iz današnje perspektive djeluje otužno.

netko se prepoznao

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335274

(36.397 KB, 480x480) [G]


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335338

Core of which problem excactly?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 335337 [Reply]

(99.464 KB, 960x960) [G]


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