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sticky  Croatia Star Sakib No. 336448 [Reply]

(25.461 KB, 640x257) [G]


Why does it take over 40 seconds for the site to load?
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  Russian Federation Sakib No. 338096

Site loads normally now
thx admin

  Serbia Star Dog Fucker No. 338521 [Reply]

(71.076 KB, 900x483) [G]

>Plan on jerking
>Go to xhamster and then to pornhub
>Find chubby girl with glasses
>Damn it, she looks just like Ninja
>Oh, she's even a Britboo (all girls are the sa... wait one fucking ssecond)
>spent half an hour searching through obscure folders on hard drive, check moles, they match, also see that the furniture is same
>have one of the best fap sessions also nice pair of tits

I am dead fucking serious, which one of you fucks is responsible for this?
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  Serbia Star Dog Fucker No. 338532

I am maybe evil but not when I don't have any benefit from it, first show me the money or something worth.

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 338533

(232.521 KB, 1100x575) [G]

Here's the money, now gibe link.

  Estonia Sakib No. 338534


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 338539

Need some proofs

  Italy Furlanija - cold and foggy here today, meh.. No. 338481 [Reply]

(62.599 KB, 1223x1240) [G]

when did your mom finally give you "the Croatia speech" ?
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  Germany Sakib No. 338490

right at the beginnings. i learned the germany speech later in kindergarten.

  Italy Furlanija No. 338496

It's like with Santa Claus.. when your mother tells you that actually croatia doesnt exist

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 338499

I thought Croatia speech was about how babies are made.

  Sweden Sakib No. 338538

I was 12 when my mom pulled up "Legenda iz vremena Cara Samuila o poreklu naroda" and read from it:

It can be seen that there are various languages on earth. Of them, there are five Orthodox languages: Bulgarian, Greek, Syrian, Iberian (Georgian) and Russian. Three of these have Orthodox alphabets: Greek, Bulgarian and Iberian. There are twelve languages of half-believers: Alamanians, Franks, Magyars (Hungarians), Indians, Jacobites, Armenians, Saxons, Lechs (Poles), Arbanasi (Albanians), Croatians, Hizi, Germans.

  Czech Republic Sakib No. 338537 [Reply]

(41.118 KB, 700x350) [G]

(31.305 KB, 658x494) [G]


  France Proxy pasha No. 337899 [Reply]

(11.828 KB, 480x360) [G]

itt post your favorite yuchan posters that don't come anymore

ill begin

swedealbo (still postsbut barely)
montenegro sage
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  Russian Federation Sakib No. 338529

its a sign that someone found a job and forgot about this place
> i officially dont have a job
"gray salary" much?
> i suck at everything
cum at me bro
at least you prolly can afford daily beer with ur money

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 338530

its always a gray salary in serbia

even if you officially work for someone, they will pay you officially some miserable shit, but will give you fine money directly in your hands

  Serbia Star Dog Fucker No. 338531

I work for minimalac (real minimalac) which is practically 26000RSD, paid health insurance, pension fund, 6 hour work time and half an hour of break.

  Turkey Proxy Sakib No. 338535

(500.349 KB, 1226x585) [G]

Mico (the guy hanged out with a chilean girl)

  Serbia Star Dog Fucker No. 338517 [Reply]

(47.597 KB, 700x394) [G]

Планирам да сидујем приче како пољски НАТО војници силују албанске девојчице по Косову. Рејт мај плен. Можда чак и да пробам да узмем неку кинту кроз фејк вести.
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  Sweden Sakib No. 338519

Planiram da cidujem price kako po?cki NATO vojnici ciluju(<-does this mean which) albancske devojcice po Kosovu. Rejt maj plen. Mozhda cak i da probam da uzmem neku kitu kroz fejk besti.


  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 338520

Одличен план брт направи го тоа

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 338527

(66.46 KB, 856x874) [G]

> Mozhda cak i da probam da uzmem neku kitu

sounds about right for dažbog

  Sweden Sakib No. 338528

Odlicen plan brt napravi go toa

  Estonia Sakib No. 338453 [Reply]

(48.785 KB, 598x664) [G]

I'd definitely sacrifice my life to defend these important countries from Russian aggression
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  Estonia Sakib No. 338515

(60.778 KB, 486x750) [G]

anyone want to start an eurosceptic technical deathcore band with me? I'll do the screeching vocals. teenage groupies with daddy issues and weird hair await us

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 338516

(131.222 KB, 263x373) [G]

i guess im not into that kinda stuff

anyway, you just reminded me that im most likely going to buy a bretty good guitar these days

  Estonia Sakib No. 338523

why don't you want to be cool OLD MAN

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 338526

an example of a ....jpg
(59.269 KB, 387x700) [G]

is it cool to be such an edgy homosexual these days?

  Sweden Dita e Pavarsis Sakib No. 338369 [Reply]

(86.676 KB, 1023x633) [G]

(199.691 KB, 600x421) [G]

Today Kosova turns 9 years old.

Write happy birthday in this thread and good fortune will befall you
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  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 338475

pasha sucks the turkish dong again, more news at 18

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 338477


>uk can power project more effectively than russia

Not until 2022 when both our super carriers are comissioned.
Russia hasn't got enough enough money nor technical knowhow to build a new carrier so they have to stick to that rustbucket they already that needs tugs to pull it along all the time.

  Estonia Sakib No. 338483

russias advantage is mostly geography + good rockets n stuff

they don't need a strong navy like the us. it's merely defensive

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 338509

russian navy needs actual aircraft carriers

considering the fact that usa has more aircraft carriers than the rest of the world combined, i believe that russians need a bit more to actually defend their shit

its a great disadvantage for russians in a potential conflict

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 338502 [Reply]

(38.51 KB, 550x333) [G]

Beogradjani su govna

Prove me wrong
Pro tip: you cant

  Sweden Mandic No. 338504

(35.124 KB, 250x252) [G]

>>338502 (OP)

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 338507


belgrade is now full of monteniggers and bosanci

also hercegovnari

  Sweden Fake news about Sweden spread from Macedonia Sakib No. 338428 [Reply]

(8.868 KB, 390x265) [G]

(72.229 KB, 1200x800) [G]

(156.808 KB, 1024x680) [G]

HESTRA / MACEDONIA The fake news of Hestra and other towns no longer had to have Christmas lights so as not to offend Muslims were widely distributed. Now, the person who was behind found.
Published February 20, 2017 17:20

It's Dagens Nyheter, which in its review of the so-called troll factories have been in contact with the young man in Macedonia who have fabricated news.

As we have told you made the rules of the Swedish Transport Administration to Christmas lights would be hung from lampposts. The affected including community association in Hestra, nevertheless finally got up their Christmas decorations because they were exempt from Trafikverket.

Based on the Swedish media's reporting found Ivan Stankovic, from the old mill town of Veles in Macedonia, the "news" that the stop for the Christmas lights was because the Swedish authorities did not want to offend the Muslim immigrants.

- It was crazy. I got into a whole month's salary on one day, I had never earned so much in a single article, says Ivan Stankovic to the Daily News.
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  France Proxy pasha No. 338480


the scariest part is there are people that genuinely will say 75% of what you just said

especially first 2 sentences


  Estonia Sakib No. 338484

he's completely right though. LOL have fun slaving 14 hours a day when baby boomers start to retire and demand their pensions + regular asswipings

  Germany Sakib No. 338491

ajvar did nothing wrong

  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 338493


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