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  United States Pashuk No. 250214 [Reply]

(470.051 KB, 3675x1592)


>albania? haha wher'es that? OH no wait i saw u in taken! r u gonna kidnap me? XD

When will it all stop? I thought everyone forgot about this movies and here we go again
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  United Kingdom Sakib No. 250220

are those documentaries?

  United States Pashuk No. 250221

(62.919 KB, 680x478)

i mean look at this shit on the left

this guy looks like hes from fucking kurdistan

fucking hollywood


maybe, but consider how exposed these movies are in usian society, especially in this modern age, it sticks around forever

  Germany Sakib No. 250223 SAGE!

yeah, no way there is an actual Albanian mafia and no way they are actually involved in human trafficking and other stuff

  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 250224

People in usa dont even know the difference between albania, serbia and croatia. One bad movie about you is as dangerous to you as its to us.

Now i remember when i met some scotish guy and he thought croatia is part of bosnia.

  Macedonia Star yuchannel 1vs1 rhyme battle-diss your sakib of choice No. 250149 [Reply]

(85.108 KB, 605x518)

psycho muthafucka
he on that muzzie shit
autism sky high
never touched a clit

social isolation
makes you do crazy things
it's fucking fucked up
what does the future bring ?
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  Turkey Sakib No. 250208

You grotesque yugoslavs can't even figure out basic mode and meter. I'm laughing my ass off at these third grade rhymes.

  United States paSha No. 250212



requesting drolan vs kajburger


yo shut ur ass up u fucken mongol

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250213


We will have to trust you on word because no rhymes under Turkish flag yet

  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 250222

Kajburgeru stari na yuchan si došo
Moj je kurac kroz tvoju mamu prošo

Svakim danom pišeš na yuchanu sranja
Od takvih stvari kita ti je manja

Ne možeš se setiti kad si nešto jebo
A pa da, ti si virgin, kurac ti ozebo

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  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 249529 [Reply]

(175.903 KB, 752x500)

If we had more girls on /yu/ we could all meet up and have a sex of putting benis in bagina.

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  Sweden Sakib No. 249786


  Ukraine Sakib No. 249886

(384.518 KB, 340x900)


  Ukraine Sakib No. 250112

i know how it feels discomfort in liver and kidneys when i've tasted some pills (not narkotix) and be sure
it never happens after that drinks.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250216


Its not about feels, its about your organs working properly. As we getting old, they start to bug, in your case faster, in case someone who lived whole life on the mountain, eating sheeps and cheese never, they die from bear attack

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star nofa !cfg8nHn3pg No. 250206 [Reply]

(955.891 KB, 858x1743)

Do you use dating sites? If so, which? What do you like about it?

What do you hate about it?

What would be your ideal dating site?

  Canada Sakib No. 250209

Grindr is good

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star nofa !cfg8nHn3pg No. 250210

How does it work?

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250211

Disregarding badoo last time I was into "telefonska pričaonica" back in the 90s, and into krstarica chat in early 2000s

  Germany Der Kalif von Konstanz No. 250166 [Reply]

(122.083 KB, 675x483)

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  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star nofa !cfg8nHn3pg No. 250184

he he he

  Germany Der Kalif von Konstanz No. 250187

wait an seconds, do school girls from novi sad actually look like those from the ilustacija?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 250198


  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250207


More or less, yes. Note that Belgrade schoolgirls look even slutier. Several days ago I saw max 14year girl with full grown bunda. Erection was not self intended

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 250098 [Reply]

my visor.png
(39.905 KB, 861x475)

Hrvati počinje ovogodišnji tjedan restauranta za dan i par sati.Kako se pripremate?Što očekujte i naravno koje ćete restaurante obavezno posjetiti i oslastiti se?

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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250175


Not even the worse peasant gf would suck your penis just because being gentleman

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 250178

(141.32 KB, 600x800)

>taking girls you don't know to a restaurant

bad idea, hombre

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250180


Why? Its called blind or speed date. In worst case you would eat, in best, you would bang

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 250205

(61.484 KB, 465x727)

Unless he's a suave 9+/10 smooth talking cat he won't see any action out of it because there's too much pressure and expectation in the air.

It's a better idea to take her out on an activity like for example a visit to the Maksimir zoo.

  United Kingdom Stogodišnjica od Bitkama na Ceru i Drini Bashi Bazouk No. 250115 [Reply]

Albanska golgota.jpg
(56.281 KB, 700x441)

Albanska golgota 02.jpg
(53.405 KB, 653x402)

Albanska golgota 03.jpg
(37.023 KB, 400x250)

Kako ste se pripremili?
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  United States paSha No. 250138


Don't you think it is strange how winter in Albania that year was so exceptionally fierce as you were retreating? Not coincidence but a divine act, It is because you are hellspawn

and u got OWNED

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 250144

speaking of cold things

tell your moither to turn on the grijanje when i visit her at night or else i freeze my balls off

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250179

> Kako ste se pripremili?

I was hiding in swamps and forests between sava and fruška gora, just like my great grandfather was, when Austrians called him to go to war against Serbia

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 250199

(707.639 KB, 627x401)

(10.764 KB, 180x219)

Shining my great-grandfathers domobran emblem?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 250191 [Reply]

(115.35 KB, 920x517)

(115.794 KB, 919x690)

>get a hunting license
>buy a gun (pic related)
>shoot and kill hunters in remote dalmatinska zagora/lika/slavonija areas

Rate my plan.

Inb4 mup (this is all a joke of course)

  Turkey Sakib No. 249698 [Reply]

this a'n probem.png
(4.896 KB, 387x330)

danas u moje klase za turske jezike sam vidao i govorio su jednam crnogorkam. mislim da ona nije puno bijela, a ja sam; poradi ovo, nicu da joj jebam. ma moram da si podobrim srpski jezik su govorenje s njih
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  Ukraine Sakib No. 250124

(135.649 KB, 430x720)

lel, welcome home. how u celebrate it?

  Turkey Sakib No. 250136


Well, Friday is Îd ul-Adhâ, so I'll be spending time in Fatih and praying Salât ul-Îd at Sultanahmet, inshâllah.

I'm free after Friday morning though. Where in the city are you staying? If you say Kadıköy I'll laugh, Fatih is God-tier though.

  United States paSha No. 250142

Where do these le epik images come from? ylilauta?

  Turkey Chechen No. 250189

(767.809 KB, 1542x933)

>>249698 (OP) (OP)
Why are you guys still in İstangladesh? We're going to war with ISIS, İstanbul is the first city they'll bomb, lel.

  Canada not the homo !ZoNShKsc32 No. 249776 [Reply]

(770.75 KB, 1103x699)


My friend in Serbia sent me this and told me to like it because he's in the band

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  Canada not the homo !ZoNShKsc32 No. 250153

>0.67 eurocents


  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 250158

Jesus Christ, even if they are wanna be "ironic" they are beyond horrible.
Cringe has reached new heights.


Croatia have it just as good, maybe even better.

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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250174


Shit, its not 0.67, 50cents are 42 eurocent

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 250186


Not sure about quality, but we win in quantity by far

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