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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 282153 [Reply]

no hype.jpg
(54.624 KB, 500x375) [G]

Who are the best posters this imageboard has ever had?

I'm not really interested in what the non-exYU countries have to say about it. They can all suck my dick and go to hell.
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  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 282156

(121.317 KB, 716x768) [G]

propro hands down

  Germany Sakib No. 282157



also all Germans

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 282166


  Sweden Sakib No. 282167

Youre not allowed to vote on your own country

  Unknown Country Sakib No. 282083 [Reply]

(64.968 KB, 650x408) [G]

who do you side with? sry for /pol/tier thread
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  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 282152

(125.92 KB, 590x639) [G]

>trusting the alpine jew
what a good čefur

  Sweden Sakib No. 282159

Yugoslovaks or whatever they are, with capital in Ужгород.

  Georgia Sakib No. 282160

Slovenia is richer than Portugal?!

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 282165


Gdp per capita wise Slovenia is ahead of Greece and Portugal and also has higher minimum wage than Spain for about 140€.

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 281964 [Reply]

(7.409 KB, 300x256) [G]

Sometimes I think /yu/ is shit, but then I remember that there's this:
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  United States Sakib No. 282161


>Also if a girl wants to have many sexual partners she is free to have them without automatically being stereotyped as a whore that will become desperate to trick-marry some rich guy at her 30s.


  Bulgaria Sakib No. 282162

But she is a whore anyway and it's not because of the number, but because she'll be grinding at anyone's cock as long as he has money and car.

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 282163

I don't have any problems with my sister I just feel bad for her bf because he has to make doe with extremely sloppy seconds.

  Germany Sakib No. 282164


She is free to have them but not free to not live with the consequences of her decisions. Because that's not how it works in life, for anybody.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 282071 [Reply]

(221.567 KB, 393x391) [G]

what would you do in his place?
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 282079


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 282086

poor neger was raped

  Germany Sakib No. 282097

(5.919 KB, 237x240) [G]

noice. does that happen often in hendbal?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 282146


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 282129 [Reply]

(165.277 KB, 581x403) [G]

post em

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 282130

(14.259 KB, 500x363) [G]

come fucking on

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 282138

(144.37 KB, 546x367) [G]


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 282141


  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 281905 [Reply]

(64.091 KB, 524x784) [G]

I have a question for you Sakibs.
Well, more like asking for an advice...

As ive told you, i ive entered this program in the Delta Holding corporation and shit. Its a program for young people with fakultet and no significant working experience. So basically its a thing in which they shape you for their needs.
Anyway in this program you kinda pick or get some shit you want to do, and being a guy with seljak fakultet, on an interview i said i really wanted to go to one of their companies in Vojvodina where they have 300ha of apple with the best technologies for growing and all that shit. That company was the main reason i wanted to enter this program because its the best place in Serbia to learn about apple prduction.
So when i passed into this "young leaders" program, i was told im going off to that company for the peropd 4 months. I was thrilled when i finally got the chance to work in such a place. And being paid for it too.
So this thing works like this: i get my menthor for this 4 months, and after that i switch to go somewhere else and get a new menthor and do some other shit.

But when i came here for this first rotation, i only really worked for like 3 days and this is like the 10th work day i have been working here. Ok, first 3 days i went around with my menthor on some meetings and shit and looked around how shit and stuff works. After that i helped some people in accounting, and it was my initiative. Did a good amount of work for them but it was only 3-4 days. And after that im supposed to be sent around this large farm learning new stuff and doing some shit for them and all. But all ive been doing was waiting and reading the material one guy gave me. Im currently in his office reading that stuff and trying to learn something and use my time effectively while here.
Im supposed to join the pruning in the coming weeks but all ive been doing now is just sitting, reading and feeling like an unwanted child being thrown from one place to another to just sit and read and be polite.
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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 282047

Hes been trained to suck executives cocks by his miohter

  Germany Sakib No. 282050

(37.329 KB, 600x700) [G]


  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 282085

Im an agricultural engineer

And this program is supposed to be for training new people for their company and shit.

I mean, they are ppaying me relatively good.

  Germany Sakib No. 282096


I know what you are but engineer is a title, not a job. What is the job you are being trained for, i.e. what will you or you should be supposed to do in 4 months?

  Serbia Star Дрогаш масни No. 282002 [Reply]

(22.431 KB, 563x350) [G]

Na Kosovu jos uvek traju protesti zato sto je neki Srbin rekao da su Albanci divljaci, ima preko 100 povredjenih.

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  Germany Sakib No. 282029

oh yeah should have googled it first, thanks

  Germany Sakib No. 282046

(113.553 KB, 500x500) [G]

why is there always trouble on Kosovo?

  Serbia Star Дрогаш масни No. 282066

>short heda
>culture of kill

  Germany Sakib No. 282095

>zato sto je neki Srbin rekao da su Albanci divljaci, ima preko 100 povredjenih

hehe, just hehe.

  Bulgaria Sakib No. 282084 [Reply]

(54.607 KB, 382x335) [G]

Which Yu nation would wear these? I say all of them.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 282087

Drolan wore these at our wedding



(64.397 KB, 572x141) [G]

(101.819 KB, 1080x720) [G]

PA$HA has not been seen since the day Srbijan shit posts sponsored by homo canadian rich faggot (not the homo) went too far.
His last words were that we were the intellectuals of this place, that the rest of the posters said we're imported from Caucasus "Turkic Floodgates", and now since we've proved that obviously isn't right we are ooga booga people and that we should gather wood for the sun god.
Also he asked me how I say slippers.

Pasha first off u have to understand neither me or my parents or grandparents have had any Albanian education to speak of, so I can't read/write Albanian and understand it so fluently like I can hear and speak it. You mothafuckas write like you're scientists it makes me confused.

Anyhow public enemy nr 1 on the board PA$HA missing and ya'll niggas gotta help me find him
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  United States Sakib No. 281949


fu... fu.... fu...... foiled again'st

Data would be ashamed of me ;____;

  Sweden Sakib No. 282080

What does it mean?

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 282081

> tryly Akbar
referring to early Dagon cultist greeting "Truly He is risen"

  Bulgaria Sakib No. 282082

"Voistinu Akhbar"
"voistinu" = "na istinu" = "for real"

It is used as a greeting amidst ortodox slavs at Easter, e.g. here person one greets with "Hristos voskrese!" (Christ has risen) and the other one must say "Voistina voskrese!" (He really has risen).

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 282061 [Reply]

The Crown.jpg
(52.19 KB, 500x485) [G]

Which Yu nation would wear these? I say Diplodoks

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 282062

Drolan will defend this

  Germany Sakib No. 282064

>>282061 (OP)

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 282070

good point, but wearing panties is considered gay in Russia, every man is obliged to walked waving his dick like Pistoletov, so no need for another one on the top of the head
and Russian women are not allowed to wear anything besides burqa since 2014 by Kadyrov order

  Germany Sakib No. 282078

(11.178 KB, 320x260) [G]

who has golden gun has power

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