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  Germany Proxy Sakib No. 305695 [Reply]

(16.92 KB, 200x300) [G]

Would you engage in a committed relationship with a girl who isn't a virgin? The thought of investing in a woman who has taken other men's dicks is so utterly revolting to me. I think I could do pretty well with regards to material wealth if I applied myself, but I could never have a family here anyway so I lack the incentives. I'm baffled at the uncaring attitude most European men seem to have when it comes to these things. Basically, the only people I've met who could relate to these sentiments were, of course, Arabs and Turks. The realization that's been dawning on me is that there exists an insurmountable difference between me and other Europeans which, on the material plane, renders my life more or less meaningless since without the prospect of having a family all that remains is chasing wealth, success, sex and other vices, all of which I do not care for at all.

Does anybody share these feelings? I suspect that the cause of my maladjustment to modernity is that I'm a shitty Balkanoid. I wouldn't know for sure since I never associated with people of similar background, but my social regressivism that is more akin to that of a Pashtun tribesman certainly didn't manifest from thin air or as a result of outer circumstances, since I had a painfully boring middle class upbringing. I've tried to adopt a less backwards outlook so I could actually have a life instead of being an imageboard sadsack but it is hopeless.

(Droljan, Kajburger, the Rijeka shitkids and other non-Balkanoids need not respond. I'll fucking murder you.)
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  Germany Proxy Sakib No. 305750 SAGE!

But she could be disloyal without taking another dick. Yet prioriy is given to the part where she sucks dick. Similarly she could stay with you and still suck dicks.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 305792

(40.424 KB, 468x468) [G]


>prioriy is given to the part where she sucks dick

nope, loyality

  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE !!zvXaPNqX8WU No. 305799

The amount of autism and insecurity itt...

  Germany Proxy Sakib No. 305809

White people don't understand this.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 305793 [Reply]

(1847.642 KB, 1138x865) [G]

(1714.513 KB, 1068x834) [G]

(1719.747 KB, 1118x801) [G]

If this shit would be ecranized, Sopranos would look like joke

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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 305804

(43.779 KB, 650x366) [G]


wrong pic

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 305805

fuck if i know, they usually recruit from diaspora

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 305806

>Only members can access our premium articles and features.


  Germany Proxy Sakib No. 305807

damn I think Id have huge potential. and I have a babyface so no one would think im a criminal. what a waste

  Serbia Star Montenegrian in Belgrade Sakib No. 305688 [Reply]

(58 KB, 848x607) [G]

Day 10 - I am seriously considering forsaking my Serbdom and becoming a full-blown Montenegrian.

If those people are Serbs, I don't want to be a Serb.

Someone please, cleanse this city. It's full of bipedal slums who call themselves human. No wonder Serbia is dying out.

How the fuck did Serbians convince anyone, even themselves, of being badass? Dinarics are the only ones who are worth something, and they don't deserve to be put in the same category as these Serbian slums.
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  Serbia Star MANWHORE !!zvXaPNqX8WU No. 305742

Actually, officially you have that number of people but practically you have around 2 000 000

  Australia Sakib No. 305783


that dude is a shqip from maqedonia, i sussed his facebook a while back

  Australia Sakib No. 305784

>>305688 (OP)

also in belgrade serbians (not serbs) are a minority, its all krajisnici bosanci kosovari crnogorci etc

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 305791

(14.907 KB, 679x427) [G]


UDBA data for Belgrade says:

20% Torlaks(Niš-Vranje-Leskovac)
15% Kosovari
15% pašaluk gegule
10% BiH
10% Krajina
10% gypsies from all around
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  Germany Sakib No. 305744 [Reply]

(369.843 KB, 1920x747) [G]

this is why more and more balkanoids get recruited at german retirement homes.
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  Serbia Star Dogfucker No. 305782

Looks tasty.

  Serbia Proxy Sakib No. 305786


And i thought its because Yugos work for money germs don't even think about it.

  Serbia Star MANWHORE !!zvXaPNqX8WU No. 305787

Is that food supposed to be bad?

  Sweden Sakib No. 305790

(371.194 KB, 1600x1200) [G]

Is that pölsa?

  Croatia Star MAP THREAD Sakib No. 304463 [Reply]

(212.084 KB, 2753x1400) [G]

€ per hour.jpg
(263.964 KB, 625x1090) [G]

(99.752 KB, 1360x1245) [G]

(270.315 KB, 1475x1200) [G]

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  Canada Sakib No. 305690

I know a Bosniak named Aleksandar

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 305720


Does he have some Macedonian ancestry?

  United States Pasha No. 305785


Didn't even think about it like that, haha. Now that I think of it i've never seen Gjergj and Hoxha in combination.

Albanian first names vary a lot

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 305788


Are there some exclusively christian surnames in albania?

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 305379 [Reply]

(136.34 KB, 430x568) [G]

current mood
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  Switzerland Sakib No. 305389

(22.058 KB, 252x311) [G]


I'm not a connaiseur in japanese porn, wouldn't mind watching if someone has a link, she's really cute.

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 305517

das asome

  Serbia Star Dogfucker No. 305520



  Ireland ajvar dog No. 305781

(2861.009 KB, 854x480)


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 305716 [Reply]

(7.361 KB, 432x347) [G]

Does anyone have a good download link for Half Life 2 + episode 1 and 2? I can't find it on gusarski zaljev

Thanks for being awesome and helpful as always :3
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  Bulgaria Sakib No. 305774



  Ireland ajvar dog No. 305777

source on this info?

  Serbia Star Dogfucker No. 305779


  Serbia Star Dogfucker No. 305780

Domain: kat.ph
Organization: MilojeSteponovic
Expiry Date: 2016-01-12
Primary Contact:
Secondary Contact
149 Tosin Bunar
Belgrade, Belgrade yu 11070
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  United Kingdom Megatron No. 305747 [Reply]

(39.162 KB, 569x289) [G]

This is Megatron, leader of the Decepticons

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 305749

goat smegma.jpg
(40.075 KB, 500x677) [G]


  Ireland ajvar dog No. 305776

good thread

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 305703 [Reply]

(113.662 KB, 720x540) [G]

How can we boost immigration to Slovenia to make it more multicultural? I mean real immigration from all over the world, not just bosnians.
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  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 305769

He came here as a student when Yugoslavia was cooperating with African countries via the non-aligned movement. I'm sure you got some people like him too.

  Serbia Star Dogfucker No. 305771

Most of them moved out after Serbia got under the UN sanctions.

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 305772

I'd expect that from Sweden, not Switzerland tbh.

  Germany Proxy Sakib No. 305773


  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 305755 [Reply]

(338.896 KB, 1024x1535) [G]

Rest in RIP ;_;


  Bulgaria Sakib No. 305759

(47.644 KB, 467x286) [G]

RIP Slaŭko

  Switzerland Sakib No. 305760

(45.737 KB, 530x444) [G]

nek mu je laka crna zemlja

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 305768

Dayum, I still remember when Lojze Slak died

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