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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 293137 [Reply]

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Guess who went out for the first time in his life and immediately scored himself an awesome girlfriend (also for the first time) while his alpha friends went home alone.

THAAAAAT'S RIGHT. Boo yeah. To honor this moment, I'm going to write an egoistic poem about myself and my alphaness. It'll suck because I hadn't slept since friday.

'twas in the year of two-thousand-and-five
club was crowded like a bee hive
I saw her mirin', checkin' out my crotch
so I offered her a bottle of scotch (we actually both drank water but that doesn't rhyme)
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  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 293465

ona je nekoc rekla fantu, ki ga je pecala, da brez turbana ful boljs zgleda


  Sweden Sakib No. 293468

Did you kiss her again this time? Pls more details

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 293471

ja nikad nisam počutil ta občutek

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 293484


Of course. I think she even tried to touch my erection I hoped she wouldn't notice, but I moved away :P

  Australia Sakib No. 293482 [Reply]

(156.887 KB, 640x420) [G]

Krajisnici najveci Srbi

  Sweden dear mama https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Mb1ZvUDvLDY No. 293285 [Reply]

(9.154 KB, 250x167) [G]

Did you ever find your mothers g-string as a child by mistake?

How old were you?

Is your mom currently a MILF?

Post pics but don't show the eyes
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  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 293431


  Germany Sakib No. 293434

(470.008 KB, 384x288) [G]


i know what you feel.

btw you are all underaged retards.

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 293445

somehow this pic didnt remind me of *told you man* mene

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 293480

I don't want to know that feel

  Sweden #srsdiscussion Problems of Ex-Yu And In Extension Balkan are yugos just a bunch of cry babies??? No. 293191 [Reply]

(844.89 KB, 634x1438) [G]

While reading an article series about WW1, I stumbled upon this, rate pls:

"...Bulgaria had suffered a second national catastrophe, which shaped its national consciousness just as the agonizing Calvary of the Serbs has been burned into the collective memory of that people. These tragedies have played an important part in creating a sense of victimhood that lasted for generations. Serbs and Bulgarians, Greeks and Albanians, Croats and Macedonians – all saw themselves as victims.

That is the problem. In the Balkans everyone sees themselves as a victim and nobody as an aggressor. That is the great tragedy of the Balkans. The question that must be asked is: who are the victims and who are the aggressors? The ordinary Serbs, Greeks, Bulgarians and Albanians have always been victims – victims of their own ruling class. They did not engage in diplomatic intrigues. They did not spread lying propaganda in the press. They did not declare war against anybody. And they did not order thousands to march to their deaths.

It is the poor peasants and workers who were driven like sheep to the slaughter in wars against other poor peasants on the other side of imaginary and meaningless borders. They and nobody else are always the victims of somebody else’s war. As for the rulers of the Balkan states, history shows us that yesterday’s victim becomes tomorrow’s aggressor and yesterday’s hanged man becomes tomorrow’s executioner. And so it goes on, a never-ending dance of death and hate, until the workers and peasants rise up against their own landlords and capitalists, tear down the artificial frontiers, and create a Balkan Socialist Federation on the principles of freedom, equality and justice. Only then can we put an end to this whole bloody business."
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  Sweden Sakib No. 293473

I just came home from my meeting and it took about thirty minutes to write it all while shitposting at the same time. Besides I like answering genuine questions or arguments as it keeps me sharp.
What did you do these last thirty minutes?

  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 293474 SAGE!

ban request for everyone in this thread

  Sweden Sakib No. 293476

Pan-Scandinavian spirits were strong in Scandinavia before socialism had a big impact on the world. It was heavily linked to radical/revolutionary liberalistic thinking of that time. Norway was in an union with Sweden but Denmark was independent. Pan-Scandinavian thoughts were strong among a very small part of the population that had time to study and read things, the limited amount of people that lived in the cities before there was industry in them. The Swedish national anthem for example was written by a young student that meant for it to be the future Scandinavian anthem.
Anyways Prussia declared war on Denmark, the Swedish king had promised that Sweden would protect Denmark in such an event, and it would likely have lead to an union. However the Swedish cabinet outright refused to and overruled the king and left Denmark to fend for itself. Even though a lot of Swedish volounteers thought that betrayal killed the dream of Scandinavia, and about 40 years later the Norwegian also left the union peacefully (due to the strong labour movement at the time threatening the government, they said that if the army is mobilized all workers will mutiny with their weapons and throw out the government as they refused to kill their own brothers). And that's the story of why Scandinavia never happened.

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 293479

youve saged assburger stuff so actively you became assburger about it
glad youre here though

  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 293475 [Reply]

(84.782 KB, 577x960) [G]

fuck slovenia

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 293477


  Slovenia Star KURBIR No. 293478

(52.764 KB, 720x638) [G]

seriously though. Slovenia is literally the second best country to be born in.
first is crovenia obviously

  United States POPEK No. 292936 [Reply]

(384.499 KB, 800x800) [G]


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  Sweden Sakib No. 293441

cba to make a counter copypasta right now, if you keep thread alive for some days maybe you'll see a written response

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 293448

(4453.21 KB, 854x480)

better go smoke sum weed, kid

  Sweden Sakib No. 293457 SAGE!


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 293462

lmao are you retarded? I'm not arguing with you. Unlike škiptards not everything that I say is based upon illogical empty rhetoric with ultra-artificialnation-alist intentions. All I did was lay down the facts as to why Skenderbeg was a serb, which he is, there's nothing to counter. I look forward to reading your butthurt response, please take as much time as u want to write it (preferably an infinite amount).

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 292717 [Reply]

(11.178 KB, 320x260) [G]

Does the majority of Chechens like Russia or hate Kadyrov?

Georgian guy, I'm talking to you.
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  United Kingdom Sakib No. 293444


What other places do you recommend I see?

  Sweden Sakib No. 293447

To be honest I think Albanian food is very boring. It's pretty much the same as other Balkan cuisine. Pretty spiceless, rice/minced meat in peppers, burek, stews, barbequed meat etc. It's nothing special, I like the döners they make in Skopje though and like to have cebapa outside, which is basically just cevapi meat to dip in cayenne pepper.

Well as said, centre of the city, old city, the mountains, shopping mall, water world if you like that (bathing, we habes no sea xd). I'd recommend not staying too long if you're travelling alone, there's not much to do, travel further south to Struga/Ohrid after.

  Sweden Sakib No. 293449

One thing you should do though is to find yourself a cafée that also sells ice cream. It's not so common up here in cold Europe but they have some noice ice cream places, the name of the best icecream-cafée chain in Skopje is Palma, you could try that.
Also try borovnica if and things like that if you never have before.

  Bulgaria Sakib No. 293453

>Balkan cuisine

  Sweden Sakib No. 293144 [Reply]

(54.375 KB, 800x450) [G]

Who is this guy?
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  Belgium Sakib No. 293436

yes :D

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 293440


Is she fit?

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 293450

(36.791 KB, 480x480) [G]

Found her, a bit too young for me, maybe in 3 years or so.
For now, I'd still rather shag her mam.

  Germany Sakib No. 293452

>his daughter

not even ceca knows who her father is.

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 293402 [Reply]

(32.81 KB, 350x517) [G]

was Franjo right?
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  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 293433

Not that, but the things he stood for prior to break up of Yugoshitoslavia?

His break away with old school partisans and stuff like that, his denouncment even back in 70s I think.

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 293435 SAGE!


>tisuce ljetni san

I still laff everi tiem

  Germany Sakib No. 293438


which countries are truly independent and sovereign? which flag isn't stupid and made up?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 293446

No, its okay, we laugh too.

And then we drink and cry a lot.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 292482 [Reply]

(593.28 KB, 500x375) [G]


molim te odgovori

nemogu više bez tebe

molim te odgovori
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  Iceland Proxy Sakib No. 293275


i left yuchan before it was cool.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 293277

oh ok

  Sweden Sakib No. 293437

>>292482 (OP)

Joj i ti imas Anu? Jebo nas Isus..

  Slovenia Star KURBIR No. 293455 SAGE!

(305.447 KB, 976x1296) [G]

I want to be Ana's little baby tampon boy. I want to turn into a little crying baby and suck on her breasts her magic breast milk will turn me into a little baby tampon boy she would stick me in her hoo hoo and I would wait with anticipation spouting little baby goo goo ga gas waiting for her to bleed all over me. I want to feel her blood in my little goo goo gaa gaa baby tampon body. I want to absorb her hoo hoo juices inside my little baby tampon boy body and goo goo ga ga like a little rolly poly baby boy. It is orgasmic to know I am one with her goo goo Ana blood I would giggle and goo goo ga ga and yelp with little baby boy excitement as I roll around in her hoo hoo and revel in her red pussy juices slurping them into my soft little baby tampon boy body . I want her Ana hoo hoo blood and juices on my Mayberry faces. It will hurt and I would scream in pained goo goo ga ga little baby tampon boy.

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