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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 296281 [Reply]

(1066.315 KB, 1004x1296) [G]

Excellent text.


  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 296283

I was hoping it would have something to do with your pic.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 296284

Sorry, I didn't find anything more appropriate. I deleted my image folder recently.

  Australia Sakib No. 296291

so.....hrvati nisu više uvek u pravu?... bošnjaci su?...

  Canada Sakib No. 296292

>I deleted my image folder recently

What good did that do to you?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 296237 [Reply]

(14.134 KB, 360x274) [G]

So, Ninja did a bob job. What the fuck happened to her, I knew where years back when she was a nerdy chubby girl from Medjimurje, and now she some kind of super whore.
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 296286

(121.754 KB, 768x768) [G]

hey doc

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 296287

anime žabac.png
(264.369 KB, 600x600) [G]

can you lift
dese nuutts

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 296288

(2.924 KB, 200x200) [G]


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 296289

As an OP, I would like to state that I didn't though that this is Ninja, but some lookalike of her with the same nick. I have made this as a troll thread, but it turned out to be true. I really don't know what to say.. I don't visit imageboards much and I only know Ninja from way back in the days when she was still not a whore. I wish I have kept some of the pictures she has sent to me so you can see how nice she once was.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 296214 [Reply]

(217.213 KB, 525x525) [G]

/ex-yu/ hate thread
Zasto ovaj rak idalje postoji?
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  United Kingdom Sakib No. 296235

i am NOT albanian

  Belgium Sakib No. 296268

Yet :^)

  Sweden Sakib No. 296274

We are all equal infront of the flag :^)

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 296278


stop denying my ethnic identity

  Slovenia Star KURBIR No. 296016 [Reply]

(7317.391 KB, 480x360)

(171.887 KB, 1024x860) [G]

>jutr bo vse drugač
>zdej pa zares
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  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 296233

also cocks

t. manwhore

  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 296234

(1419.074 KB, 1746x3104) [G]


Stop impersonating me. I dont like cocks. I like filthy dicks.

  United Kingdom Sakib No. 296267


I was drinking this stuff non-stop when I was in Croatia. Shame they don't sell it here.

  Slovenia Star Sakib No. 296277

Indeed Y

The only Coca-Cola copy that's better than the original.

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 296066 [Reply]

(3849.805 KB, 4320x3240) [G]

lel im le blogger now

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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 296187

njegova keva se jebe sa turcima ne bih ja to dirao

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 296197

Zapravo, kara se sa polu hrvatima

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 296202


Even worse

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 296236


  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 295817 [Reply]

(351.605 KB, 1000x942) [G]

what's the diaspora anthem?
pls no zoka bosanac
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  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 296227

Le grown up mature rapper.

  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 296228

Sky is blue

  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 296231

you have all been ebin rick rolled
but still fact remains that metal listeners are manchildren

  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 296232

No one ever denied that tho

  Canada Sakib No. 296200 [Reply]

(456.37 KB, 1080x1920) [G]

(843.45 KB, 1080x1920) [G]




Soviet songs about afghan war are very good

  Serbia Star Dogfucker No. 296188 [Reply]

(128.659 KB, 1024x683) [G]

Rambo thread


  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 296190 SAGE!

post here if you're want to fukke OPs mother.

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 296199

That is way too rude.


  Mexico Sakib No. 296198 [Reply]

(1660.484 KB, 246x220) [G]

Black BDSM?


  Canada Sakib No. 296168 [Reply]

(79.787 KB, 800x600) [G]

>Article 89 [Immunity]
<The President of the Republic of Kosovo shall be immune from prosecution, civil lawsuit and dismissal for actions or decisions
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  United States Sakib No. 296193



it's funny how autistic he's being

  Macedonia Star Sakib No. 296194

radan and radan's alter ego pls go to sleep

  United States Sakib No. 296195


samu seem i chitirs pet e

kak da spi chuveka

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 296196

How can i provide an argument to a kidsucker bydlo kid who wont even answer any of my questions and who has some childlike fantasy to be like Seselj even tho he has never been near Seselj?

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