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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242351 [Reply]

(1.902 KB, 293x229)

Exam tomorrow.

Study or sleep?
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  Serbia Proxy MANWHORE No. 242481

T. Catholic Serb

  Ukraine Sakib No. 242482

okay, redbull and burn for sure can get you high, but guarana is just type of caffeine.

you will never gain big strong muscles if you afraid sugars.

  Croatia Star Opee No. 242488

>regards, drooling retard

  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 242490

Dont be mean plox

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242336 [Reply]

(449.884 KB, 450x676)

Just made a hard career decision. Not sure it was good or bad, time will tell.

What did I get myself into??


Did have a relaxing drive tonight, only me on the road, curvy road through small hills, with slight rain in the night...
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242469

Had the best drive home ever tonight.

1 and a half hour through the night rain, completely alone on the dark road.

It was so relaxing that I had a silly smile all the way back (in fact a bit too relaxing, almost fell asleep)

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242476


You work 1,5 hour away from your house?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242483

Business trip.

  Germany @therealAjver No. 242489

im a libra ;))
nice to meet you
im a master debater and massive masturbator too

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242050 [Reply]

(2944.656 KB, 420x312)

(3003.178 KB, 484x462)

(2964.688 KB, 448x336)

>you will never make girls this horny
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242462

ffmpeg to convert

  Ukraine Sakib No. 242484

04 Pam Parai.mp3
(4748.259 KB)

> ffmpeg -i filename.asd -threads 4 output.webm
what does "-threads 4"?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242485

number of processor threads
it will make it convert faster
also add -pix_fmt yuv420p
it fixes those white squares that sometimes show up on vlc

  Croatia Star Opee No. 242487

I installed that ffmpeg, but it closes immediately after opening.

  Bulgaria Jalâluddîn Abu'l-Qâsim al-Bulgârî No. 242228 [Reply]

(347.297 KB, 1280x720)

post your briggs meyers itt

link to the test: http://www.humanmetrics.com/cgi-win/jtypes2.asp
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  Canada Sakib No. 242267 SAGE!

>accuses people of being KC tier
>uses retarded 4chan meme

Fuck off

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 242268

(91.784 KB, 320x238)


  Germany Sakib No. 242272 SAGE!

>>242228 (OP)

smelly dumb, extrovert scum

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 242486

ISTP/ISTJ (the second time i did the test)

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242108 [Reply]

thats questions.png
(3.293 KB, 314x264)

if you consume your life by posting countryballs releated content on minor imageforum you are not progressing in life and you are not keeping it real

philosofy frogs

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  Serbia Star MANWHORE No. 242405

(326.742 KB, 469x492)

(202.543 KB, 640x480)

(13.262 KB, 320x240)

(137.081 KB, 640x350)


  Georgia Sakib No. 242477

There's no point in progressing a thing if it will disappear soon no matter what you do

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242478


So life makes no sense at all then

  Georgia Sakib No. 242479

Of course it does not.

well, in case you are an atheist, that is.
if you are religious, it does make sense.

  Bulgaria Jalâluddîn Abu'l-Qâsim al-Bulgârî No. 241982 [Reply]

(317.315 KB, 1280x720)

daily reminder to ignore short macedonians

if you encourage them at all they'll start trying to usurp your ethnicity

that is all
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  Georgia Sakib No. 242470

Chinese people have narrow eyes.

  Netherlands Sakib No. 242471

This observation is correct.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242472


It's ancient Georgian wisdom

  Bosnia and Herzegovina Star Sakib No. 242480 SAGE!

(321.244 KB)

ban request for everyone in this and that other assburger thread on the front page

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242404 [Reply]

(11.845 KB, 307x307)

Did Constantine Porfirogenet even realize how much butthurt and arguments he would cause even 1000 years after he wrote De Administrando Imperio?
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  Belgium Sakib No. 242459

because they don't know their identity. they've only had a nation state for themselves for not more than a century tops.

Also living together with different ethnic groups (roma, bosniaks, croats, itd), who visibly are the same (except for Roma's lel), makes them more enthousiastic about a certain unique past, or attributes that only a certain kind of peoples have.

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242460


Because they doubt their whiteness and they desperately seek approval from the civilized part of Europe

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 242466

(77.825 KB, 240x275)


yes, i visit KC

  Serbia Star Дрогаш масни No. 242468

The answer is butthurt

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242334 [Reply]

(41.074 KB, 500x332)

(44.148 KB, 500x371)

I don't believe in reincarnation, but I do believe it's possible that there's only a limited amount of different facial features human can have and that many of us have had people who looked exactly like us at some point in history

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242335

(75.917 KB, 640x504)


  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242357

Hey it's doctor zaius

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242454

>>242334 (OP)

I always knew John Travolta was a spawn of Satan

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242249 [Reply]

(22.182 KB, 400x418)


Like this if you cry every time. This commander is a truly awesome guy
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  Serbia Star Sakib No. 242377

(407.58 KB, 1280x717)

(302.849 KB, 499x499)


>soon in RS

  Russian Federation Sakib No. 242430 SAGE!

ukrainian ITT.jpg
(76.421 KB, 604x505)


  Germany Most philanthropic Poster No. 242446


Check this new video showing the destruction around Luhansk. Looks like living hell.

  Germany Most philanthropic Poster No. 242450


US army rations at 8:50. Propaganda or real?

  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242407 [Reply]

(44.609 KB, 674x433)

Did Tarabići warn us about Ukraine? Where can I find the full text of their prophecies? Serbs plx help
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  Croatia Star Sakib No. 242428


I need that exact quote because that's 100% true if you didn't just make it up

>Also he said that there would be world war 3 with Russia vs West but he said that the war actually started in the Middle East from the small intensity

Syria and Assad

  Serbia Star Sakib No. 242435

dis is true

t. reader

  Germany Virgin Dweller No. 242436


I saw this on salo-forum ages ago, is this it?


  Germany Sakib No. 242445

What did they say, who will win? I need to choose side.

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